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Jobs for Teens and Other Ways to Make Money
From Deborah Fowles

Having Your Own Business Is an Option
If you're a teen and you'd like a little spending money or want to save money for college, and your allowance just isn't cutting it, a part-time job may be the answer. Many teen jobs aren't advertised, so don't hesitate to call or visit local businesses and ask if there are any openings.

Businesses that often employ teenagers include:

  • Child care centers
  • Summer camps
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Restaurants
  • Fast food places
  • Newspapers (delivery routes)
  • Parks and pools (lifeguarding)
  • Golf courses (caddying)
You can also make money without working for someone else. Start your own part-time business.
Here are a few ideas:
  • Tutor a fellow classmate in one of your best subjects
  • Babysit
  • Mow lawns in summer, shovel walks and driveways in winter
  • Pet sit for neighbors on vacation or walk dogs
  • Assist with gardening or lawn care (mowing, weeding)
  • Detail cars
  • Type school papers for other students
  • Clean houses
  • Use your computer expertise to help other students or adults
  • Be a mother's helper or nanny for a busy mom
  • Plant a garden and sell your produce to neighbors
  • Sell baked goods to neighbors or at a local farmers market
  • Start your own DJ business
  • Be a mother's helper or part-time nanny
  • Make baked goods and sell them at a local farmers' market.
  • Type up a flyer about your services and distribute copies to houses in your neighborhood or surrounding area.