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Money and the New Way of Living
by Lisa Whatley

Wake up sleepy heads, our internal alarm clocks have been buzzing for quite a few years! It is time to wake up cheerfully or receive a rude awakening! Living in the new fifth dimensional earth will be a dramatic challenge for many in the areas of work and money in the weeks and months to follow. As some of you know already, there is no more fence sitting. You can't have one foot in the new fifth dimensional world and one foot in the old third dimensional world any longer.

It is decision time and if you don't make the conscious decision, your Higher Self will make the decisions for you! You do have choice though: kicking and screaming or going with the flow! One way or the other your Higher Self will continue to create events for you in order to help you wake up and move you into fifth dimensional consciousness! Your Higher Self will create all sorts of things to happen for you to experience in order to change your old third dimensional ways of living. Unfortunately, we human beings seem to choose to learn life's lessons through pain and suffering, this is third dimensional way of choosing to live.

If you take a moment right now to reflect, you will notice that many people around you, and perhaps you are one of them, are losing their jobs or have lost their jobs. If you are not experiencing joy and passion in your work and if there is no growth for your soul, your Higher Self will block all the choices you make to create money in order for you to stop living in the third dimensional consciousness. Your Higher Self does this with the hopes of waking you up to the Divine Human you truly are! To help you find new ways of living beyond working for someone else lining your boss's pockets with gold. And don't worry, those companies that lack integrity, the doors will mysteriously close. The business will no longer be! For what no longer serves the highest good of all involved, will be taken from them to be replaced with something that does! This is all part of the Divine Plan.

The old third dimensional earth way of doing things was getting an education, proper training, locating the job or career and remain doing that until retirement days regardless of whether you were happy or not. Life was all about being able to survive here physically on the earth plane. We knew that following certain steps would create a certain outcome. All of this has changed and the way that we create our abundance has changed as well. The new fifth dimensional earth is created through intention and waiting for the synchronicities and opportunities that will lead you to your dreams and their manifestation on the physical plane. Work will no longer be a matter of choosing a job or a career simply for our physical survival. The new fifth dimensional earth you will also not stay in one career all your life, instead you will be lead to explore several careers and options, each of them will be a passionate and fulfilling sense of joy. Work will become play! Work will become your hearts desire and you will enjoy doing whatever your soul desires to experience.

Just recently, a synchronistic event took place in my life that my heart is telling me to share with all the lightworkers who come to read this article. I was introduced to a financial opportunity that fits the new fifth dimensional flow of energetic abundance! In this article I will share with you briefly the concept, then you can read the full details at my website. I am a single mom of four children and being able to pursue being a stay at home mom, a writer, an energy facilitator and a life coach is a dream come true for me. I have another vision as well and that is helping many people find their own creative passion in order to financially support themselves while fulfilling their life purpose here on earth.

I truly believe within my heart that this opportunity is one key to help many lightworkers around the world free themselves from the burdens of working hard for someone else only to survive on the earth plane. This has the power to free their time to pursue their creative endeavors! Many people have become trapped in the illusion of the third dimensional reality. Stuck in victim and poverty consciousness not knowing they have the ability to change their reality! We are not here only to survive the third dimension.

We are here to rise above the third dimension, to bring heaven to earth! This opportunity will free your time, in order for you to fulfill your divine purpose. That means that by becoming a partner with us, you will spend more time fulfilling your passion, not working this opportunity! This opportunity does not require full time participation! It requires three good friends who you can work with. If you have any blocks regarding abundance, then perhaps you would like to visit my website to take a look at the energetic program called Practical Mastery: Abundance Sessions for clearing these issues. This opportunity also gives you full information before you commit yourself to the investment programs. So you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!