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Using Voice Broadcasting to Boost Sales Leads

Every type of business is best suited for different type of lead generation. For many businesses such as real estate agents, college loan refinancing lenders, landscaping companies, and more, cold calling is undeniably effective. No matter how many business owners and self employed people cringe at the thought of making cold calls, they work incredibly well in generating leads. Sidestepping the hassle of cold calling A little known and highly effective solution to the many hurdles of cold calling is voice broadcasting. Voice broadcasting allows you to prerecord a message that will be delivered to your targeted call list through a completely automated process.

Sending your marketing message through voice broadcasting eliminates the discomfort of a cold call while still achieving the same highly effective results. Lead generation is a numbers game Even for those who enjoy reaching out to new customers, cold calling is incredibly time consuming. Generating leads is a numbers game: the more you reach out, the more leads you will make.

Using voice broadcasting, you can set aggressive business goals without hiring an army of people to generate qualified leads. Set new leads goals based on your call success ratio If your goal is to generate 50 new sales leads per week and you know that you have a call success rate of 1 in 30, you can consistently reach your goals. Simply multiply the 50 leads you desire by the 30 calls it takes to gain one lead (50x30=1500 calls) and let your automated voice broadcasting message do the work. Creating an effective voice broadcasting campaign Your success ratio depends on the quality of your voice broadcast. When creating your voice broadcasting message, keep these tips and ideas in mind: Sound natural: The key to a voice broadcast is to engage the caller immediately and this is best done by using a natural phone voice. When a recipient thinks they've received a faceless automated machine, they have a tendency to tune out.

When people sense sincerity in the voice and message, they tend to listen. Introduce yourself: Give your name at in the first line of the call to further personalize the experience. Speak in terms of customer benefits: When creating your message, speak in terms of how the recipient will directly benefit from your product or service. For example, instead of saying "our current home loans rates are 5.2%," try "the average Californian saves over $7,000 per year by switching to our low interest home loan.

" Get right to the point: State the benefit to customer very early on in the call. The sooner they understand how they will benefit, the more open they will be to your message. Entice the customer to find out more: Don't reveal everything in your voice broadcast message. Instead, entice prospects with the most interesting and beneficial points and encourage them to take an action to find out more. Encouraging a prospect to make the next move is a critical step in turning a prospect into a client. Include a call to action: Decide on the precise action you want the caller to take after hearing your message and ask them to take the action throughout and/or at the end of the call.

The action may be to call your direct line within the next 24 hours or fill out a form on your website. For those who have never tried cold calling because of fear, doubt, or time constraints, voice broadcasting is the solution for eliminating all of cold callings most unattractive points while still reaping the full lead generating potential. The cost of a voice broadcast is miniscule compared with the cost of live personnel, but can achieve the results of an unlimited sized call center. By using these few tips and ideas, you can easily build a marketing campaign to drastically boost your sales leads.

Author is a writer for Unix USA which specializes in fax broadcasting and generating sales leads. For additional information about these services you can visit www.unixusa.net.

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