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Some of the Most Reputable Companies in the World

With a number of bases throughout the UK, RW Greeff are a well established supplier of industrial consumables. The products supplied are from some of the most reputable companies in the world such as Univar, 3M and Dow Corning. Made up of over 8,000 items, their product catalogue is very comprehensive and detailed.

Due to being the top United Kingdom technical partner of 3M, the RITE-LOK is the latest product to be added to the product range of RW Greeff. From providing advanced process solutions, to general everyday use, the product range is suitable for many purposes. 1.

Anaerobic Adhesives - high performing single component adhesives designed for engineering. This adhesive cures in the adsence of air whilst in the presence of parts which are metal. There are a wide range of adhesives around with various strengths and viscosities.

Some of the application categories that the products are split into are gasket making, retaining and threadlocking. 2. Cyanoacrylate Adhesives - Made to a high specification, these are single component adhesives which can cure based upon moisture traces on surfaces. Normally referred to as super glues, Cyanoacrylates will bond a number of surfaces such as plastics, metals, rubber, ceramics and woods. The range of products under the Cyanoacrylate category are made to adhere to exact bonding requirements.

These are requirements such as low odour, metal bonding, rubber toughened, super fast curing and high temperature resistant. 3. Ultra Violet light curing - These adhesives are high performance and made up of a single component.

Manufactured to cure when in the presence of UV lighting and to cure within seconds. Also they leave no visible bond line and are proven to form a very strong bond. A number of materials can be bonded using this adhesive, materials such as plastic, glass and metals. But there must be at least 1 surface that allows the penetration of ultra violet lighting. Ultra violet curing adhesives are offered in a variety of viscosities, they have curling properties which allows for a wide range of applications. Normal applications can be the bonding of glass, devices used in the medical profession and electronic potting.

4. Structural Adhesives and High Temperature Sealants - Ideally these adhesives work very well with the current range of structural adhesives from 3M. This is because they are product specific and therefore work best if used this way.

Silver loaded epoxy adhesive is designed to produce electronically conductive bonds and is ideal for a wide range of electrical and electronic applications. Two part epoxy putty is ideal for MRO applications such as the emergency repair of pipes, tanks and castings. SA30 is a two part no-mix acrylic adhesive that offers handling strength in about 90 seconds and can be used on most plastics. This is ideal for the signage market. You can also get a high temperature silicone sealant capable of bonding at up to 260 degrees C.

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