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MLM Training Why Your Prospects or Downline Wont Do What You Ask Them

Whether you lead just a few or a few thousand people in your MLM business, there's one very specific quality you must have. Develop this one quality and achieving MLM success will be A LOT easier. If you do not tell the truth, your downline may be friendly to you.but they probably won't follow you.

Truth means: that which is factual based on observable data. There has been much written about truth, a lot having to do with philosophy and religion. I don't wish to go there in this conversation.

My only interest in the subject (as it pertains to the MLM industry) is that we, as a group, stop destroying our income and our reputation by not telling the truth. I know telling the truth should go without saying, but I have to discuss it because it is one of the Ten Communication Qualities that make up a great communicator; yet also a major problem in the network marketing community that needs to be corrected for the MLM industry to grow to its fullest potential. In 1991 my income dropped - like a brick falling from the top of a building - from a monthly gross of $68,000 to $16,000 - just because people were not telling the truth. A member of the media sneaked into my colleague's business meeting and recorded the dialogue that occurred. Although it was a painful experience for me, the biggest loss stems from the CONSTANT number of people we repel because of not telling the truth. Not only that, but every time we (I'm talking about me and you) don't tell the truth, we feel icky inside.

Observe a dog that has done something wrong - do they come strutting into the room? Not at all! They actually hide under the couch. Their ears and tail hang low. They don't feel worthy.

The same is true for us. That icky-ness actually causes us to not feel worthy that others follow our advice.and so they don't. Five broad categories of not telling the truth have gotten individuals and/or companies in trouble and have stopped them from growing to their fullest potential. They are listed below. 1.

False income representation or suggesting others can earn a stated level of income. 2. Stating that a product or service can do something that has not been substantiated. 3. Promising someone (or yourself) something and not doing it.

4. Gossiping about others. Passing information to another that does not add value.

5. Building the business in a way that is not truthful.such as suggesting distributors create fictitious accounts or positions. As per category one above (false income representation), if you don't know what your upline earns don't say what you think it is. If through the grapevine you've heard it's "X" amount, and you feel you must state it, say: "The rumor is that she earns ___ amount; although I've not verified it." Say nothing you don't know is absolutely true.

This gives you tremendous credibility! When you discuss income, discuss what the prospect wants - NOT what someone else is earning. If prospects state an income they want, tell them it's doable here (provided it is). Then state, "Some people go to school and become the President. Some become billionaires, some sell illegal drugs and some draw a welfare check. It would be impossible to know what you're going to do with what I teach you, but there is the potential to earn a substantial income if you choose to fully apply what you're taught.

" Category two from above is unsubstantiated product claims; which have also gotten the network marketing industry into trouble in the past. If you market a nutrition product, the current law (in the USA) is the DSHEA Act (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act), which states you can discuss what a product does, provided THAT PRODUCT is what has been proven to get results. Most often an INGREDIENT has had some studies done on it (such as vitamin C) but your company's product (that contains that ingredient) has NOT.

Therefore, it is against the law to claim your product does ANYTHING! Now, that doesn't mean you can't promote your product truthfully. You simply say something like, "The active ingredient (vitamin C) in Potent-C (an example of your company's product) has demonstrated to increase/decrease ________ by X amount." That way you're not claiming your product does anything. Telling stories of your success or others' success with the product or the MLM business is also common.

I'm not saying don't do it. Nor am I saying to do it. Just keep in mind that the common way people get in trouble is from questionable claims reported by the media after coming in with hidden recording devices and capturing what you say.

So, make sure you are not claiming anything that isn't the truth. If a friend went on your company's product and stopped having migraine headaches, you honestly wouldn't know if the reason was the product or the fact that she increased her water intake to take your product! You can't determine what really helped her - so be very careful what you represent. Category three is to keep your word once given.

If you say you will be at a meeting at 6:45 - be there at 6:45. No excuses, just be there. If you say you're going to help someone - help them.

Keep your word. If for some reason you're unable to keep your word, make it up to the person. Do something that shows you want to help.

But the most important person you must keep your word with is yourself. If you say you are going to bed at 11pm - go to bed at 11pm. If you say you will call five prospects a day, call five prospects a day! When you're honest with yourself and with others, people will trust you. This trust is what helps your MLM business to grow and be successful.

My experience is that people will not follow someone they can not trust. Tell the truth always and you will be on your way to experiencing passive income and time freedom in your MLM business.

Tim Sales helps network marketers gain the confidence and skills to be an MLM success. Learn how to become a true network marketing professional and sign up for his free MLM training newsletter and listen to free training at www.brilliantexchange.com

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