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Debunking Melaleuca Sales Myths

One of the greatest myths circulated by the Melaleuca company is the idea that their distributors don't have to sell. In fact, what they're really being taught is, "It's not selling, it's sharing!" This myth is so dangerous because of the fact that it locks a distributor's mindset into thinking that "sharing" is actually a sales method that brings multi-million dollar results. While it's true that anyone can sell, we both know that it will take a little more skill development to turn sharing into selling! The first major problem is that there is virtually no sales training for Melaleuca product distributors. Can you imagine what it would be like to grow a sales team without training them in sales? If Melaleuca, Inc.

is telling their distributors that they're sharing where do the sales skills come in? Think about it this way. When you "shared" information about another product or even a movie with someone, what kind of sales skills did you really need to do that? Here's the second problem. Melaleuca business owners are trained to think that sharing is selling which is simple and easy to do. They are taught that when you share, people are automatically going to be receptive to the "sharing" and a sale is made. Here comes the reality check! Business owners actually go out and practice this shoddy attempt at selling because that's what they're taught and then, you know the rest - disappointment, rejection, brutal negativity (and from their friends and family no less)! So why do some of the top mlm companies, the Melaleuca Company included, tell their distributors that selling is going to be easythat it's only sharing with people and no real sales skills are needed? They sugarcoat this idea because they know that most people really hate to sell.

They don't want to see their distributors scared away by telling them this one, simple, inconvenient and uncomfortable fact. If you are in network marketing you are in sales! If you want to be a successful mlm distributor you need to understand this. Selling is not sharing and sharing is not selling. Sharing is what pre-schoolers do. I know what you're thinking right now. "But I thought word of mouth advertising was the most powerful form of advertising out there?" My answer is yes and no.

Yes, people's personal recommendations can be very powerful when they don't have a financial interest involved. When potential customers or prospects realize that distributors are making money out of the deal, their guard immediately goes up. Because an incentivized referral is completely different than an unbiased, third party opinion. To have a successful Melaleuca home based business, you must learn how to sell. This is the first step towards getting the results you want with Melaleuca, the wellness company.

You have to learn what makes people want your product or your opportunity. You also have to know your clients needs as well as those of your potential clients. You have to know that the real value of your product is determined by how well your product fills the needs of your client; not simply by the benefits that your product provides. With that in mind, you also don't want to focus too much on your product, but rather your focus should remain on filling the needs of the client.

If you follow that idea, you'll find that your potential client's main concern is, "what's in it for me." While it's true that a successful salesman knows his product, many of these salesmen will tell you that product knowledge is only a minor portion of what it took to make the sale. You don't have to know all the ins and outs of your product, but rather your focus should be on helping your client connect with the product or opportunity so that they see that you have the answer they've been looking for. Many successful salesmen will also tell you that enthusiasm and excitement is also again, only a small portion of what it takes to make the sale. You'll have to redefine your approach regarding products and the Melaleuca opportunity to place your customer's needs first. Then you will be a true success!.

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