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Boxer Puppy Training Tips For Successful Training

If you've decided to get a puppy, be prepared to spend some time training the puppy properly. Puppies are just like children and will need love, discipline and training in order to learn the ropes. They come to you cute and cuddly, but remember they grow up.

What is cute when a puppy does it is less cute when it is done by a full-grown dog. If you have your mind set on getting a boxer, take a few minutes to find out about boxer puppy training. Listening to you will be the main thing you want to teach your puppy. Without having that one skill, trouble will always begin. If you have a dog that isn't trained to listen and do what he pleases, your commands will go unheeded and you will be frustrated.

In order to make the relationship between you and your puppy the best it can be, you are going to have to start early. A puppy will listen if he is rewarded and as time gradually passes, he will keep listening even if it is because he thinks he will be receiving a treat. This is fine to start out but cut down on them as he learns more and do not give him a treat every time. Taking your puppy out and around the neighborhood will give him a chance to explore his new home.

Let him meet the neighbors, children included, so he will get used to being around people. Establishing the rules and then enforcing them is the key to good boxer puppy training. If you stray from his normal routine, know that he will have the same reaction as children have when distracted. He will tend to forget what he is supposed to be doing.

One good idea is to establish a spot in your house where the puppy has all of his stuff, toys and the like. He will need a haven, a retreat and a place where you can send him when he misbehaves. Time outs work just as well with puppies as they do with children. Keep a container where you can put his toys during the time out. People run into problems when training a puppy because they don't establish what can be chewed and what is off limits. Puppies love to chew.

This is no secret. Having an area that is totally for the puppy will allow him to go there and chew on anything that is his. Should the unmentionable happen and you catch him chewing your shoes or your favorite sweater, immediately take it from him and scold him.

Replace it with something of his. A bone or a toy will do and when he takes it, praise him. This tells him that you are not pleased with him when he has your shoe in his mouth but you are pleased when he chews his toys. You and your new puppy can have a special relationship that lasts a lifetime if you establish the rules at the beginning and stick to them.

Your Dog Training Diva Lizzy Lund is the creator of educational articles on dog training. Click Boxer Puppy Training to learn more about this topic and other dog behaviors.

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