How are you doing on the top ten list? If you're not doing at least six of the ten, resolve to make improvements. Choose one area at a time and set a goal for incorporating all ten into your lifestyle.


Become An Expert In Your Particular Niche or Industry

People like to get advice, products, services and consulting from niche experts. They want the best; to learn the best from those who know it and walk the talk. So you need to become and expert in your niche to attract plenty of traffic, prospects and sales your way.

To become an expert you can: 1. Study a professional track to gain credentials at college, online or off. You can study on your own with library books, current industry publications, e-zines in your field, workshops and correspondence courses. 2.

Hire coaches and mentors to get you up to speed. This is a great way to learn quickly. Plus, what better way to learn than from someone who is already experienced and knows what to avoid and what to capitalize on.

3. If you also want to be known as an expert you need to have your name attached to products or services. Dig in and really learn all you can about your industry, interviewing pros to really learn the scoop of what works and what does not. Then write up your findings, your interviews, your case studies and create e-books, reports, news articles and press releases about them. 4.

Attend industry events like workshops, seminars, trade shows and networking activities. I cannot stress attending offline events enough. This is where great friendships are made and lucrative business deals are struck. Yes they can be pricey but going to at least one a year can build your credibility tremendously through relationships.

For example, you meet a top expert in your niche and become friends. He speaks favorably of you to his colleagues and customers. Do you think this will help you in your quest to become known as an expert? Yes, of course it will. So go to offline events! 5. Invite others to interview you about your findings above, showing you are knowledgeable in your field of interest.

Record those interviews and let them be downloaded for free. Make them free at first until you build your credibility and become known as an expert. 6. Participate in events as a speaker and workshop presenter. What better way to be viewed as an expert than to be an actual speaker at an event.

This can give you credibility over night! 7. Make audio recordings of weekly Talk Shows you host where you discuss a current industry trend and interview top people in the field. Then give them away for free along with transcripts until you are known as an expert. 8.

Setup consulting services in a couple of different pricing ranges. Package the highest level with all your e-books, reports, audio files and other products. Then sell your prospects on the lower level, working them up to the top. 9.

Attend annual boot camps in your field where you learn the most popular topics form the pros all in about a 3 day period. Plan to speak at one of these, too! 10. Next is JV time. Team up with other experts who have compatible, not competing, products and services. Then reach out with joint efforts and joint event presentations, joint product packages, joint marketing in the form of link exchanges, article exchanges and ad exchanges. All of these ways will be with the goal of having the other person introduce you as the expert in your field.

11. Constantly keep track of industry changes and what the other experts in your industry are doing. Bookmark their sites, subscribe to their e-zines and print publications, etc. Learn from the best to become the best. Do no be afraid to reach out and keep moving ahead. Thrive with your competition and learn more.

It is a good idea for you and your business to commit to constantly learning and growing. Countless people neglect to read and apply the previous sentence. Read it again, now. Those individuals who stop learning cannot grow and in turn their business suffers. It takes time to become and expert in your niche.

If you follow the 11 tips listed above you will without a doubt become an expert in your niche before you know it. Also, do not get discouraged if your niche is loaded with a lot of competition. Stick to your guns and remember, there are plenty of prospects and sales to go around!.

Shane Wilson has been marketing online for years. He has many successful sites that cater to up and coming business people online. You can learn more about Shane at his blog located at my Blog http://www.nexusgate.com/blog. Thank you.

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