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Advanced eBay Tools

Advanced eBay Tools Ebay supplies many tools for sellers that are free and those free tools are sufficient for the occasional seller of an item or two. http://worldlargestbusinessfranchise.com/ However, if you are or are planning to become a seller on eBay that will provide you with an income that will meet your needs and then some, you are going to need better, more powerful and faster tools to help you achieve your selling goals. The File Exchange is an advanced eBay tool and the only one that is free. This tool lets you: *Upload, revise or re-list thousands of listings at once *Download active and sold listings *Supports Half.

com The first month is free. The Selling Manager allows you to: *Manage your inventory *Automatically list and re-list items *Automatically send feedback *Monthly profit and loss reporting *Free Listing Designer The Blackthorne Basic is a must if you list up to 25 items per month for sale. There is a 30 day free trial offered. Blackthorne Basic lets you: *Create and edit listings in bulk *Easy to use listing templates *Send emails and leave feedback in bulk The Blackthorne is ideal for businesses because it supports multiple users. The Blackthorne Pro provides: *Manage your inventory *Print shipping labels and invoices in bulk *Supports multiple users and eBay seller IDs *Support for consignment plans *Utilizes an "Open" Access database http://worldlargestbusinessfranchise.

com/ The Selling Manager is a must for high volume sellers. It lets you: Leave feedback, send emails, print invoices and labels all in bulk and customize your email and feedback templates. Thank you, http://worldlargestbusinessfranchise.com/.

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